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Success without stress

Meditation for professionals? You may think of Buddha sitting under a tree, and you say:

I can't do this. I have to work. I want to enjoy the world and life. I don't want to abandon life and sit around somewhere with closed eyes all the time.

Many think like this, but those thoughts are based on misunderstanding. A Buddha statue, which resembles meditation for many of us, does not tell us to sit down somewhere and never get up again. It is not about any outward way of living at all, but about an inner state. The faces of thise statues try to show us how our inner state can be:

quiet, free of worries, eternally content

It is this inner state which meditation fosters. It is not about ascetism or renunciation of life.

Quite the contrary.

A person who gets to know his or her inner, who discovers his or her true basis and its power and peace, such a person also begins to live the outward life in a new way. With focus, energy and tranquility, with a new kind of joy, without fear and without stress.

There are many misunderstandings about meditation. What most people deem meditation to be is not meditation at all. True meditation is a challenge and it is totally easy. Anybody can learn and practice it. It doesn't take much time, but meditation brings an entirely new quality of life. A new life.

Meditation improves your focus at work. Distractions will not be a problem for you anymore, and you work more effectively in a relaxed state. Your energy is not being wasted by constant thoughts, fear and anxiety.

For 20 years, I worked and learned with the meditation teacher Soham. Since 2017 I am practicing Samarpan meditation from the Himalayas. I am happy to bring meditation closer to you. Not only your work, but every part of your life will be enriched and changed by meditation in a wonderful way.