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Curriculum Vita

Since beginning of 2021:

Problem Solver, Optimizer, Web Developer and Audio Engineer

Self-employed as

  • Problem solver and optimizer of technology and processes in
    IT, office and communication.
  • Web Developer C#, ASP.NET, html, css, Umbraco CMS
  • Audio engineer / Digital Audio Specialist

I am open to organize meditation seminars for your employees and/or managers.


I am a problem solver for Windows computers and software, websites, as well as LAN and communications devices. Apart from problem analysis and solution, it is my special strength to optimize existing solutions and processes.

As web developer for .NET / C# / ASP.NET and Umbraco CMS, I am available for web projects.

I am a native German, I am business fluent in English.

2000 - 2020:

Technical Studio Manager, IT Manager

Development and management of a mobile audio & video studio for a meditation teacher. Established communication technology / Internet connections & live streaming. PC programming (DOS, Windows, .NET / C#), lan management (Lancom etc.), web development (ASP.NET, JS, html, css), live recording, mixing and mastering, audio editing (rme, Cubase, Wavelab). Daily studio management, communications, translation, team management and travel organisation.

Besides the actual studio work, my focus was continuously on studio automation and improving the efficiency of all processes in the studio. While quality and services for visitors and clients was improved continuously, the team size could be cut in half over the years.

I was also responsible for IT management of the main company office. Planning / programming / maintenance of phone switch, LAN equipment, email server, Windows server and PCs, data synchronisation, office automation and IT security. IT support for all employees.

The real essence of those 20 years cannot be put into words. Two decades of daily work in a meditation seminar, constant travel, and the constant contact with meditating human beings changed and coined me forever. I brought and deepened my technical expertise along with my talent for communication and management. At the same time, I developed such a patience and inner equilibrium, a kind of inner strength and depth, and today, those gifts are much more valuable for me than my professional abilities, in private and at work.

1988 - 2000:

Technical / Senior editor, Marketing Manager, Consultant

Communications talent meets thorough IT knowledge:
Technical editor at Franzis-Verlag (mc), then technical editor at Ziff-Davis (PC-Direkt), later Senior Editor, Marketing Manager, International Consultant (problem solver).

During my time in international computer publishing business, I discovered my special talent for language and communication, and my pleasure in writing and explaining. The combination of technical expertise, talent for communication and knowledge of human nature led me to become a consultant and problem solver.

Besides my core tasks, I recognized and realized the potential for improvements in each position.

At "mc" magazine, I improved their outdated electronic bulletin board system (an online information system of pre-Internet times) and made it state-of-the-art, multipling visitor numbers. During this time, I started establishing a new online system for communication (Fidonet etc.) and multi-user online gaming, which was very popular and profitable in these pre-Internet times.

At PC Direkt, I improved and extended their most important, Excel based, market analysis tool for the advertising customers of the magazine. I also organized internal company trainings, nationally and internationally, to solve conflicts between teams.

1982 - 1988:

Officer in the German Navy

Thorough technical education as Mechanical Engineer with focus on mathematics and computer programming. Officer training in the German Navy.

During my studies, I gained in-depth programming experience in Basic and Fortran77. Me serving as an offizier did give me early experiences in team building, business and personnel management, and my worldwide travels with the German Navy widened my inner horizon enormeously. In the end, a life as a soldier was not my calling. However, the impulses and experiences from this time benefit me to this day.


2000 - 2020 Meditation

During my time of 20 years working for the meditation seminar from 2000 until 2020, I learned meditation as well, but not only as a technique. Meditation became a way of life for me, a way of Being. Patience, balance, compassion and a certain inner strength are the fruits of this time, and they are with me today in every job I do.

2019 - 2020 Umbraco Certified Master

Participated in six Umbraco trainings with certification as Umbraco Certified Master:

  • Fundamentals
  • Extending the Backoffice
  • Umbraco, MVC and Visual Studio
  • Application Integration
  • Security
  • Searching & Indexing

1984 - 1987 Graduate Engineer

Master of Mechanical Engineering at the University of German Armed Forces in Hamburg, with emphasis on theoretical foundations / mathematics / IT.

During my studies, I gained in-depth programming experience in Basic and Fortran77.